Covid Campaign

Best Covid Campaign

Our industry has played a major role in helping its partners and clients facing the accelaration of digitalization, the explosion of distance working and learning and all its implications at all layers. Crucial need to secure our new way of working and living and aid campaigns to help the most vulnerable. All this under extreme circumstances. 
These campaigns deserve more recognition and so we decide to dedicated 3 specific new awards for our community.  

It is our jury that will decide who deserves these new recognitions, and our event is the ideal set up to share these accomplishments..
The companies will have to submit their case(s) with a brief description. (Fr or Nl or UK)
The Jury will reward 3 winners. 

One Vendor Campaign, One Distri Campaign and one Reseller campaign

Deadline 22nd January
Title of the campaign + 150 Words Max, link included if available

Submit your case !

Format: +32478789082
  • Distributor Vendor Reseller

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